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"I was so comfortable..."

"I was so comfortable..." - Home
"I have found Dr. George to be a true healer, someone who truly cares about her patients and the outcomes of her treatments. I was so comfortable with her after an initial consultation that I have travelled repeatedly from Northern New York to Wexford (a 6-hour drive) to visit her office. Her sensitive and meticulous treatment has all but eliminated my migraines, which I suffered for over 40 years--truly miraculous. Her office is warm and welcoming, her staff supportive and kind. They are so flexible that they actually bend over backward to accommodate tight schedules and the vicissitudes of a working life. My gratitude to her and to her staff is heartfelt."  Click Here to See More.

Oral ID

Oral ID - Home

Due to HPV, the number of Oral Cancer cases is rising, especially in the younger population. We offer a quick, two minute exam to screen for Oral Cancer. Two minutes could save your life.

Our Mission

Providing our patients with the best possible dental care is our primary focus. It is our mission to make you feel comfortable and at home when you walk into our office. From our caring, attentive staff to the inviting fireplace in our lobby and the warm blankets and towels provided, you’ll quickly see that every aspect of our practice revolves around making you feel comfortable and at-ease. That way, we can provide you with the best quality dental treatment you deserve.

Have TMJ Disorder?

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Those who suffer from TMJ know that is a very painful condition. But did you know it’s completely treatable by our experienced neuromuscular dentist?
TMJ Symptoms:
Neck pain, neck stiffness, vertigo, nausea, headaches, jaw clenching, clicking, popping, and/or ears ringing.
More information about TMJ

Secret Santas?

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Hitting the malls and buying presents for your family is one thing. Hitting the malls and buying stuff for unsuspecting strangers? Now that's a whole new Christmas idea. Source: WTAE

Our Services

Our practice specializes in providing dentistry services including:

Dr. George, and her team of caring dental professionals, understands there is more to a great dentistry practice than providing the most advanced and effective treatments. We offer our patients the friendly atmosphere, relaxing enviroment, and assurance that their comfort and well-being is our ultimate goal.