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Alexandra George

171 Wexford-Bayne Rd. (Route 910) Suite 200
Wexford, PA

  • Expertise and Friendliness

    Our Team is the friendliest and most knowledgable you will find, and we love helping our patients live healthier lives.

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Putting Our Patients First

We believe in a whole-body approach, looking beyond just the teeth. Our team prides themselves on providing treatment that is personalized to each patient.

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Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry is a different way of working with patients. We look at the patient as a whole and address underlying issues to help ensure healthier smiles, and healthier lives.
  • Cosmetic

    Our oral health is important, not only for teeth to properly function, but also for a great-looking smile.

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  • Restorative

    No matter how white and dazzling your teeth are, they’re never at their best unless they’re strong, healthy, and in good repair.

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  • Ageless Dentures

    This amazing breakthrough provides underlying facial support, and a better appearance.

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    The Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction can be the cause of many symptoms.

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  • “I have found Dr. George to be a true healer, someone who truly cares about her patients and the outcomes of her treatments. I was so comfortable with her after an initial consultation that I have travelled repeatedly from Northern New York to Wexford (a 6-hour drive) to visit her office.”

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  • What a pleasure it’s been to be your patient! You and your staff treated me like I was a queen every time I set foot in your door. And I was super-appreciative of the few times you accommodated my “emergencies.” I am so happy with my teeth and my smile. Thank you again for the excellent care. I look forward to being your patient for years to come.

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  • Toss that Toothbrush!

    The subject of replacing a toothbrush came up the last time I visited my sister, Cindy. As a Pittsburgh dentist for more than 25 years, she ought to know that...

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  • To Floss or Not to Floss…That is the question

    To Floss or Not to Floss…That is the question By Alexandra S. George, DDS, LVIF November 2015 This blog was inspired by my lovely husband.  One night I was brushing...

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