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Alexandra George

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TMJ Treatment

Treating TMJ with Balance

My TMJ treatment approach is about finding balance. Balance with the bite (teeth) which balances the muscles that hold the lower jaw (mandible), and balance with the bone (condyle) in the joint.

In order to accomplish this, I use three technologies: the Myotronics K-7 to measure the muscle activity and track the jaw movement, and the ULF Tens unit to relax the muscles, and the T-Scan to find balance with the bite.

Once this information is gathered, I make a custom orthotic which is worn by the patient. If the orthotic is worn as directed, the symptoms will subside. There are a series of appointments to adjust the orthotic as the muscles start to relax and find a comfortable position. After the patient becomes symptom-free and remains symptom-free for a couple of months, we discuss the options to maintaining this jaw position with a permanent solution.

Longer term treatments to permanently change your bite so that your TMJ symptoms do not recur include braces, crowns or continuation of orthotics. Permanent options are discussed after your pain is eliminated.