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Is This You?

Our patients often report frustrating TMJ symptoms that affect their quality of life. Do any of these common complaints sound like you?

Common TMJ Symptoms

“I’ve been to several doctors and they don’t know how to fix this.”
“I’ve been suffering for years and nobody seems to have the answers.”
“My jaw gets tired when I talk a lot or eat certain foods.”
“I’ve had root canals and the teeth pulled but the pain is still there.”
“Some foods aren’t worth eating anymore and I stay away from them.”
“I’ve been to the ENT and they say my ears are clear and nothing’s wrong.”
“I’m tired of being on medication that doesn’t work.”
“My meds make me not myself.”
“I want my life back.”
“My headaches are always there and I just deal with it.”
“Every morning I take Advil as soon as I get up.”
“My balance is bad.”
“The ringing in my ears is driving me crazy.”
“I don’t sleep well and I use sleep meds.”
“I’m on anti-depression medication because this is depressing me.”
“I have pain in my joint and down my neck and shoulder.”
“I go to the chiropractor and nothing holds in place for long.”
“I want to play with my kids and clean my house. I don’t want them to say mommy’s laying down again.”
“I don’t want surgery.”

There are many more complaints associated with TMJ /TMD. We will listen to you and address your specific concerns. If you feel like TMJ / TMD may be the source of your problems, and you live in Pittsburgh or the Greater Pittsburgh area, call us soon. Make an appointment for a consultation and evaluation, and receive a diagnosis and peace of mind.