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What is the cost of TMJ treatment?

First ask yourself a few questions:
  • What would you pay to get rid of your headaches?
  • What value do you put on getting the pain in your neck to subside?
  • What would you give up in order to not experience the pain in your jaw?
  • Are you tired of being crabby because of your pain or the medications that you are taking?

We could go on and ask, what would you pay to get rid of the TMJ/TMD symptoms you are experiencing? Just remember, this is your health and you have a choice of how to treat it or not treat it.

Now let’s look at your kitchen. You’re sitting in your kitchen having a cup of coffee and are tired of looking at the same kitchen. Everything works but needs updated. So you start to think “I’d like new countertops.” Next thing you know the back splash needs updated, the cabinets are old and outdated, a new coat of paint is needed, the lighting is outdated and of course new appliances would look great too! Before you know it, the whole kitchen is remodeled. Who knows what the future holds, you may get transferred and guess what? You can’t take your kitchen with you. But, your health goes everywhere you go 24/7.

If you decide to continue on in our office with TMJ/TMD treatment it can be expensive. Options will be given to you. Money is everyone’s reality. You will need to place a value on your health and decide if you are worth it.


Our practice is pleased to offer flexible payment plans.

  • No initial payment and no payment for 3-7 weeks
  • Affordable Extended Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments
  • 6-24 month Promotional Plans
  • No prepayment penalty

You can calculate potential monthly payment options. Or place an application in a few short minutes, and decisions are typically available in seconds. For more information on specific plans, follow these links

Care Credit Patient Financing.