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Bite Analysis

Bite Test with T-Scan

Dr. George has adopted a new technology for bite analysis, the T-Scan®, to help with diagnosis and treatment of dental occlusion. The T-Scan technology gives Dr. George a closer look at the bite along with an analysis of the problem areas that are causing a patient pain.

Occlusion is the way the upper and lower teeth meet when you bite. Ideally all teeth would come into contact with one another at about the same time with equal force on each tooth. An unbalanced occlusion is when the teeth come together at different times with different force placed on each tooth. The T-Scan is a diagnostic device that measures your bite dynamics and allows Dr. George to easily see each tooth contact and the force applied by that contact.

The T-Scan is a small hand held device which quickly analyzes the bite and displays the information on a computer. Using this device, Dr. George has been able to quickly and accurately diagnose problem areas with complete confidence. T-Scan not only helps to diagnose the problem areas of a patient’s bite, but also helps patients understand the causes of their pain and how it can be fixed.

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