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PX3 Pro-I Series

PX3 Pro-I Series

The PX3 Pro-I Series is a high quality, customized mouthguard designed for recreational sports participants, as well as college and professional athletes. PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguards can provide full upper and lower coverage to protect your teeth from injury during activity. The PX3 Pro-I series is an excellent product for athletes not only looking for advanced protection but also enhanced performance.

Each PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguard bite regulator is custom fitted and handcrafted to capture your mouth’s unique 3-Dimensional bite position. The benefit of this process is not only a properly aligned bite, but also a noticeable increase in oxygen intake during performance, increased strength and endurance, faster reaction and response time, and quicker post-performance recovery.

The PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguard adjusts top and bottom tooth registration and locks your teeth to create a greater and more consistent circulation of oxygen throughout the brain and body. Setting the jaw alignment forward expands the airway effortlessly, allowing for maximum airflow. Increasing oxygen intake helps to use less energy, and enhances all aspects of respiratory, physiological, and neurological performance.

The PX3 Pro-I Series can be used both on and off the field. The PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguard is also an excellent alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Patients with OSA experience increased oxygen intake, reduced bruxism (tooth grinding) and snoring, as well as reduced feelings of fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Increased oxygen intake also has been proven to reduce serious health risks caused by OSA, like high blood pressure.

The PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguard fitting process is simple, painless, and only takes about 15 minutes. The precise process, when done by a Certified PX3 Pro-I Series Provider like Dr. George, provides a more process jaw alignment and final product than mouthguards designed from self-impression systems.

The PX3 Pro-I Series mouthguards can also be personalized for each patient, with custom colors, logos, and patterns available for an additional fee.


How Pro-I Differs From Self-Impression System

px3-pro-i-seriesProfessional fitting administered by a Certified PX3 Pro-I Provider

More precise jaw alignment and manufacturing process

Personalization: Custom colors, patterns or logos are available for an additional fee.

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