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Gum Disease and Laser Treatment

17249Gum treatment is an important part of your overall dental care. Even the healthiest teeth are only as strong as the gums that hold them. Many of us develop a condition known as gingivitis, in which our gums begin to recede and decay. This exposes the teeth to a variety of risks, including increased decay, looseness and shifting of the teeth, tooth loss, and TMJ / TMD.

Some early symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Receding gums
  • Soreness and pain in the gums
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Teeth that have begun to shift
  • Bad breath

If diagnosed early enough, however, these symptoms can be halted and even reversed.

No matter what the stage of periodontal gum disease, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to address existing symptoms and to prevent further degeneration.

We offer a range of gum treatment options, based on the type and severity of your gum disease.

Our office has the technology to treat gum disease with laser treatment. It is a simple, painless and non surgical way to remove infection and promote healing. Your gum disease treatment depends on your specific case.

Also with the laser we are able to treat cold sores, sensitivity and ulcers.

Early Stage Gum Disease

In very early stages of gum disease, we can often completely reverse the effects of periodontal degeneration through a simple cleaning procedure. These very early stages of gum disease, called gingivitis, can often be treated completely by simply removing accumulated plaque from the visible portion of the teeth, and sometimes slightly below the gum line.

Moderate Gum Disease

If the damage to the gums is moderate, extending below the gum line, we will usually perform a procedure called a root scale and plane. In this procedure, the plaque is removed from the teeth, both above and below the gum line, and the surface of the tooth is gently abraded to prevent further accumulation of plaque and bacteria. This procedure is designed both to treat existing gum disease, and to prevent gum disease from recurring in the future.

Severe Gum Disease

If you’re suffering from advanced stages of gum disease, we offer a range of treatment options to treat and prevent further problems. These treatments may involve surgical procedures including bone and soft tissue grafts for patients who have experienced severe damage.

Gum Maintenance and Disease Prevention

We do thorough gum examinations for all of our patients to prevent gum disease and to diagnose any present problems as early as possible. We will assess the health of your gums during your office visit and provide you with the tools and the information you need to ensure that your gums are healthy for the rest of your life.