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Alexandra George

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Denture and Partials

Full and partial dentures are a popular and convenient option for those who have suffered from tooth loss.

Dentures are available when missing all of the upper and/or all of the lower teeth. A partial denture is available for upper or lower when missing teeth some or most of the teeth.

The Denture Option

You may need to see Dr. George for dentures if:

You dislike your current denture(s) because they are old, or aren’t fitting well anymore, or don’t like the cosmetics. You have teeth, but you think they are in really bad shape and you don’t know if they can be saved. You just had teeth pulled and you need a permanent denture after your healing denture. You are looking older than you feel because of your dentures. see Facelift

Fitting Your Dentures

Getting dentures can be like starting with a fresh canvas. This can be scary for some, but mostly is very exciting. Dr. George is able to provide you with the most one on one doctor time while carefully choosing what type of teeth you want. What shape is best for your face, what shades go with your complexion and how can you look more youthful?