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Alexandra George

171 Wexford-Bayne Rd. (Route 910) Suite 200
Wexford, PA


Gary’s Story—stabbing ear pain

Jena’s Story—daily headaches and multiple doctors

Barb’s Story–suffering from migraines

Keith’s Story–ear congestion and gum recession

Dana’s Story


“I have found Dr. George to be a true healer, someone who truly cares about her patients and the outcomes of her treatments. I was so comfortable with her after an initial consultation that I have travelled repeatedly from Northern New York to Wexford (a 6-hour drive) to visit her office. Her sensitive and meticulous treatment has all but eliminated my migraines, which I suffered for over 40 years–truly miraculous. Her office is warm and welcoming, her team supportive and kind. They are so flexible that they actually bend over backward to accommodate tight schedules and the vicissitudes of a working life. My gratitude to her and to her team is heartfelt.”

Jane’s Story

X05796Dear Alex and Crew,

What a pleasure it’s been to be your patient! You and your staff treated me like I was a queen every time I set foot in your door. And I was super-appreciative of the few times you accommodated my “emergencies.” I am so happy with my teeth and my smile. Thank you again for the excellent care. I look forward to being your patient for years to come.


Bonnie’s Story

I came to see Dr. George with great trepidation and uncertainty but with gentle coaching and remarkable intervention, I found comfort and direction that no one else could provide. Her compassionate and well trained staff not only educated me but truly held my hand through the process. I now have something to smile about. Not only did she relieve me of my pain but she and her team truly care about their patients!

Maddi’s Story

During the summer of 2014 I began getting debilitating migraines, which were daily throughout the entire summer. In addition, I was experiencing jaw pain and clicking, dizziness, ringing in my ears, and was unable to sleep. I had gone to numerous doctors and neurologists who put me on a multitude of medications that sometimes had worse side effects than the initial symptoms themselves. In August, I went back to college in Washington, DC and the symptoms seemed to get worse, so I had to take a medical leave from school for the semester. Arriving back in Pittsburgh, I was scheduled to go to a month-long impatient clinic that involved being hooked-up to a daily IV. Thankfully, around the same time, I came across TMJ and was recommended to Alexandra George’s after speaking with my dentist. As soon as I got to the office, they were able to immediately put an orthotic on my teeth that was not only virtually invisible, but non-invasive. I felt immediate relief after having it on for only a few days and the symptoms began to quickly disappear. I was able to return to college for the Spring Semester of 2015 and complete school with no problems. The office was extremely convenient in scheduling appointments during my school breaks. Now in the summer of 2015, wearing a removable orthotic, I feel completely normal again and cannot remember the last time I had a migraine. I am so grateful for Alexandra George’s office for their help with getting my life back to normal and being able to return to school as a normal college student.