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Alexandra George

171 Wexford-Bayne Rd. (Route 910) Suite 200
Wexford, PA

Comprehensive Dentistry

comprehensive-dentistryComprehensive dentistry doesn’t focus on just one issue; instead it focuses on treating the person as a whole. Your mouth and your teeth are a vital part of your overall health, and dental issues can result in serious issues elsewhere in the body. Patients with headaches or migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, and jaw issues, all benefit from comprehensive dentistry. Whether it’s pain and TMJ issues, facelift dentures and cosmetic dentistry, or neuromuscular analysis and correction, we focus on the whole patient to make sure you’re healthy and smiling.

Dr. Sabatini and Dr. George share the same philosophy of comprehensive dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ treatment. Working as a team, Drs. George and Sabatini will prepare treatment plans for all cases, whether it’s one tooth or a very complex full mouth restoration.