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Snoring Treatment

Why would a dentist treat snoring? Isn’t that a breathing problem?

Snoring is a breathing problem, but the cause of snoring lies in the soft tissues of the throat. During sleep, these tissues become lax and may constrict your breathing, causing the distinctive snoring sound.

Dentists specialize in oral health, but some, like Dr. George, can treat your teeth, and also your gums, palate, neuromuscular system, and related issues. Neuromuscular dentists like Dr. George are often your best choice for a safe, effective anti-snoring treatment.

How do I know if my snoring is a problem?

If your snoring is more than occasional, if your loved ones complain about your snoring, or if you experience fatigue and other symptoms of sleeplessness during the day, your snoring may be a problem.

Why should I have my snoring treated?

Snoring is more than an annoyance. It can create serious health problems. Snoring interrupts your sleep, whether you are aware of it or not, causing you to partially awaken during the night to catch your breath, and both the sleeplessness and lack of oxygen flow to the brain can cause serious, even fatal health problems.

Are snoring treatments safe?

Yes. We provide our snoring patients with custom-fitted dental appliances that keep their airways clear and open during sleep, safely and effectively reducing or eliminating snoring and providing them with the restful night’s sleep they need. No drugs or surgery is necessary.

How do I know which solution is right for me?

We will do a thorough examination of your mouth and throat to determine whether your snoring problem can be resolved with a dental appliance, or whether the cause is something else. If we determine that your snoring is caused by a medical condition that cannot be resolved here, we will refer you to your personal physician for appropriate treatment.