Dentures and Partials


Full and partial dentures are a popular and convenient option for those who have suffered from tooth loss.

Manufactured from a metal core fused with natural-looking, tooth like porcelain, both full and partial dentures are an excellent option for patients who want to restore the look, feel, and function of their smiles.

Dentures consist of a flexible acrylic base that fits over your gums and palate, providing a solid foundation and a secure fit. The tooth portion is crafted from metal fused with porcelain, to ensure a strong, durable, and natural looking tooth replacement.

Dentures are available as upper or lower dentures, either of which may be a full denture, to replace all of the upper or lower teeth; or as a partial denture, to replace only some of the upper or lower teeth. A partial denture can replace contiguous or non-contiguous missing teeth.

The Denture Option

We offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including bridges and dental implant restorations, as well as dentures.

Dentures differ from other tooth replacement options in that they are removable, economical, and relatively non-invasive.

Full dentures require no invasive treatment, and partial dentures might only require small adjustments to adjoining teeth, whereas permanent tooth replacement options require more extensive dental procedures.

Dentures are also removable and easily adjustable over time. If your bite changes, your dentures can be adjusted more readily than a permanent tooth replacement option.

Fitting Your Dentures

Fitting Your Dentures - Dentures/Partials

There are two primary techniques for denture fitting: Conventional and immediate.

Conventional fitting means that your dentures are fitted to healed tissue. This healing can take up to several months before completed, so a conventional denture fitting usually means that you have been without your teeth for some time.

Immediate fittings are done immediately after your teeth are removed, and before they've had the opportunity to fully heal. This option lets you replace your teeth immediately without a waiting period, but with this option, you will have to have your dentures refitted and adjusted after your gums have fully healed, to accommodate changes to the structure of your mouth.

More Information

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