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Dental Implant Technology

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What Makes Up a Dental Implant

Dental implants are made up of two parts: the implant itself, which is surgically implanted by an implant dentist into the jaw as a replacement for the missing tooth root, and the crown, which is the restorative part you can see. The crown is made of porcelain and looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Dr. George handles only the crown portion of dental implant treatment. Dental implant crowns, if done incorrectly, can be difficult to match to your nearby natural teeth or may not function properly. Dr. George is experienced in crown creation and uses leading diagnostic and design technology to design implant crowns. The use of these tools makes implant design efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Replacement Teeth for All Situations:

Dental Implants-6Thanks to continuing research and development in the field of dental implant technology, procedures and techniques have made tooth replacement possible for every patient, with any situation. This means that no matter how many teeth a patient is missing, or what teeth, they are missing, every patient is a candidate for dental implant therapy.

Common Dental Implant Procedures

The most common dental implant procedures are:

Single Implant with Dental Crown. This procedure is ideal for patients with just a single missing tooth. During this procedure, a titanium post that resembles a small screw is surgically implanted into the jaw. This post supports the dental crown created and installed by Dr. George. Your crown will be customized to fit your implant and correlate with your surrounding teeth. In most cases, your tooth will be made of a durable, all porcelain material. Unlike many older crowns, no metal will be seen in your smile.

Implant Supported Bridges. While the prosthetic resembles a traditional three-part bridge, this procedure does not require the removal of healthy tooth structure from neighboring teeth. Instead, surgical implants stabilize this prosthetic where each tooth is missing. This is ideal for patients missing two or three teeth in a row. Once these surgical implants are placed, Dr. George places custom fit porcelain crowns and connects them to form one piece.

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